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Updated: 09.01.2023

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Exness.africa.com is an international platform uniting online traders (Users) and provides them with information about the brokers presented on this website, hereinafter referred to as "Brokers".
Exness.africa.com undertakes not to increase the spread and not to charge any additional commissions when the User decides to cooperate and further trade with any Broker.
Exness.africa.com has no right to pay the User any remuneration in case of refusal of a Broker to pay compensation. Such refusal can be caused by the User's violation of the trading conditions of this Broker or for other reasons. ExnessAFRICA is only an information platform that has no financial relations with the User.
The User cannot register any Profile on Exness.africa.com as is only an information platform that has no financial relations with the User.
Exness.za.com undertakes not to allow the transfer of information received from the User to third parties in accordance with the Privacy Policy posted on this site.
Exness.africa.com is not responsible for the inaccuracy of information on this site or on third party sites linked to this site, but will make every effort to keep the information accurate and up-to-date.
Exness.africa.com is not responsible for losses on the client's account resulting from the use of analytical and other information available on this site.
All information on this website belongs to Exness.za.com and cannot be used or copied without the company's consent.
Exness.africa.com has the right to block the User's access to the platform in case of attempts of unauthorized access to the information on the site, spam, impolite treatment of the company's employees, and other actions that prevent normal operation of the site.
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